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Theme: Tony Almeida

Music: Matchbox 20, "Soul"

Summary: {...there's always something tearing you apart...}

This is your basic Tony memorial, inspired by what seemed to me the awesome coincidence that Matchbox 20's song Soul is half of Tony's nickname: Soul Patch. And it's not actually a bad match for his character either. So it's a Tony memorial, from Jack's point of view, which probably makes it sound slashy, but it's essentially the canon version, vaguely homoerotic but extremely macho male bonding, with tons of Michelle.

Size: 78 MB (avi) - click image to download | LQ (17 MB, horrible size, RM)

Theme: Felicity character study

Music: Dar Williams, "Farewell to the Old Me"

Summary: {...and I used to think that things were meant to be...}

Felicity grows up. And cuts her hair.

Size: 42 MB (avi) - click image to download | LQ (10 MB)

The OC

Size: 15.0 MB - click image to download
Theme: Seth/Ryan. Slash.

Music: "Hanging By A Moment" by Lifehouse.

Summary: {...fallin' even more in love with you...}

Be warned: this is not a "best-friends" video, as the first male viewer hopefully wanted it to be. It's all about the slash. I held out in the Platonic, Dammit, Platonic! camp for a few months and even started a Seth/Anna video that never got finished, but I can't deny it any more: Seth and Ryan are so in lurve.

Odyssey 5
Theme: Kurt/Angela

Music: Arcade Fire, "Crown of Love"

Summary: {...your name is the only word that I can say...}

My first video with Adobe Premiere! I stayed pretty cautious with the effects and such for this one, but I did make use of some of the expanded capacities...

Size: 34.9 MB - click image to download | LQ (8.6 MB)
*Note: The file on the left can't be viewed by clicking on some computers. You will have to right-click and "Save Target As," or watch the smaller WMV version.

Veronica Mars
Theme: Logan (some Veronica)

Music: The Arcade Fire, "Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)"

Summary: {...i hear you sing a golden hymn...}

This started as a vidbite for the LJ community (the month that the challenge was death or loss or something like that) and grew into a whole video about Logan in season 1: the loss of Lilly, of his parents, and possibly even his relationship with Veronica.

Size: 64.4 MB (avi) - click image to download | WMV ( MB)

Download the vidbite that started it all (5.2 MB, avi).