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About Me

Not much to tell. I have gone by the names EBStarr (at TWoP and imeem), thelast_spagirl (lj), and Kristen (rl). Apart from all this geeky fannish stuff, I'm pretty boring so I won't go into it.

I've been making fanvids and writing fic since May 2003. I got into vidding (and ficcing actually) because I was a huge, huge Corday/Romano shipper for ER. I couldn't find any music videos about this pairing on the web, so I made my own. Then another, and then another, till I started branching out into other characters and shows. This site was just one free page on Angelfire, but as I learned more HTML and graphics programs, I started building more and finally bought this domain. I now consider myself primarily a member of the vidding fandom, rather than a fan of one particular show or movie.

As for the actual media fandoms, however, that I'm interested in, it changes almost weekly. I tend to find a show I love, marathon every episode in order, and then move on to the next show - if I get inspired for a video during the peak of the obsession, so much the better. Current interests include Battlestar Galactica (I love Starbuck, Lee, Roslin, and Boomer in particular, with Starbuck, of course, being first and foremost), Brothers and Sisters (I know, it's kinda a step down from BSG, but I was once obsessed with Ally McBeal and there's nothing I can do to escape Calista Flockhart's weird pull on my remote control); Veronica Mars (wherein Logan has sole ownership of my heart); House (well, I love House, and even though I see the slashiness (duh!) I love the idea of House with Cuddy); Alias (Irina!Irina!Irina!... and pretty much every other character except Vaughn, but even he is pretty enough to hold my attention); The OC (the man-lovin'); Gilmore Girls (Luke/Lorelai); Dawson's Creek (I still love Pacey and Joey. I do. I'm a dork, and I embrace that). Lost, Odyssey 5, ER obviously, One Tree Hill, Friends, Boy Meets World, Pirates of the Caribbean, Ally McBeal, Boston Public, Felicity, Joan of Arcadia, Wonderfalls and 24, and even, shamefully, Good Morning, Miami and Summerland have all been on my fannish radar at some point as well. Whew.

well, that's it! Contact me at and feel free to check out my imeem and lj pages.