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I can't watch the video!
All my old videos are in WMV format. Try downloading the latest Windows Media codecs and installing them. You also need Windows Media Player or a player that supports .wmv files. If it is an mpg file, you need to right click and save as, because it won't play in most browser media players; if it is an avi, ditto, and you'll need the Windows Media codecs or the K-Lite codec pack.

How do you make the videos? Where do you get your clips?
I download the footage from Overnet, capture it direct from TV or VCR with a video capture card, or rip it from a DVD. Then I use Adobe Premiere to edit the footage with music. (Once in awhile I also download clips from Websites; I try to provide credit if that happens.) The old videos were made with Windows Movie Maker 2.

How do you make your graphics?
At this point I've just acquired Photoshop 7.0. The original layout and older graphics were made with yet another free program, Serif Photoplus 5.5. The caps I use are made with Windows Movie Maker.

Can you help me with Windows Movie Maker/ HTML/ X computer program?
Sure! I'm no expert at any of the programs I use, but if you email me I'll see what I can do.

Can you make a video that I request?
Probably not. I'm happy to hear suggestions, but I will not make anything unless it inspires me.

I have a video- or TV-related website, can you link to me?
Happy to. Email me or shoutout on the tagboard and I'll link to you next time I update (provided that, you know, you're not asking me to link to anything pornographic or racist). I'll be even happier if you recip with a link to me (codes and banners are here).