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Taking You Home Theme: Carol/Doug.

Music: Don Henley, "Taking You Home"

Summary: {in this love I found strength I never knew I had...}

From the end of "Such Sweet Sorrow," of course. A short video, but I've always wanted to do this song.

Size: 26.6 MB (mp4) | stream at youtube (blocked in many countries)
Theme: Romano, Corday/Romano.

Music: Devendra Banhart, "The Body Breaks"

Summary: { whispers at first, but it ends with a shout...}

There's a lot to be said about the body and how it crops up in ER in general, obviously, but in particular with Romano: he only connected with Elizabeth over the surgical table, and then when he became a patient and his body started breaking and disintegrating, that's when they kind of got to be friends. And by then he was useless to the world and to himself, which was horribly sad, and part of why that character and pairing really got to me. I've never used such an untraditional song before, but in a way Devendra's weird trembly little voice seemed fitting for a Romano vid.

Size: 35.7 MB (avi) - click image to download | LQ (9.5 MB, rm)
Theme: Jeanie Boulet/Scott Anspaugh.

Music: Greenday, "Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)"

Summary: {...for what it's worth, it was worth all the while...}

Should be subtitled, "What I did while my laptop was broken." I had to put my other projects on hold and use my family's crappy computer for two weeks; the only episodes I had on hand were seasons 3 and 4; hence, a quick and mildly sappy video about one of the storylines that makes me shed a tear every time. There isn't much footage for these two, but it's a short song, and I tried to emphasize the fact that both Jeanie and Scott are survivors and that's what makes their relationship so special. (Fandom is a kinky place, so I'll just state what I hope is obvious: this is NOT a romantic video.)

Size: 18.3 MB - click image to download | LQ (9.4 MB)
Theme: Corday/Romano.

Music: Vonda Shepard, "Will You Marry Me?"

Summary: {...I guess you've sunk in...}

When I first thought of this video I wasn't sure it would work, since it's basically a song about a woman who's falling in love against her will with a man who tries to keep her on her toes a lot. But it actually worked really well because there's that little spark of attraction between them that fits such an upbeat, do-you-don't-you song. And of course Romano does keep Elizabeth on her toes!

Size: 17.7 MB - click image to download | LQ (9.1 MB)
Theme: Luka/Abby angst.

Music: Rufus Wainwright, "Hallelujah."

Summary: {...and every breath we drew was hallelujah...}

Your basic Hallelujah video: romantic, melodramatic and all kinds of angsty. Doesn't everyone vid this song at some point?

Size: 14.9 MB - click image to download
Theme: Romano memorial: Elizabeth POV.

Music: Evanescence, "My Immortal."

Summary: {...I've been alone all along...}

A real-life friend requested this video, so I gave in and joined the pantheon of vidders making videos to this disgustingly overplayed song. Elizabeth stands in front of Romano's memorial, thinking about him and about how much she lost when he died.

Thanks to Lee's ER for screencaps.

Size: 23.8 MB - click image to download | LQ (10.7 MB)
Theme: The "heroes" of ER.

Music: Bonnie Tyler, "Holding Out For a Hero."

Summary: {'s gonna take a superman to sweep me off my feet...}

Inspired by NBC's endless promos of "A Hero's Return" (or "A Hero's Long-Drawn-Out Death By Brain Tumor," or "A Hero's Eurocentric Yet Also Bleeding-Heart Liberal Christmas in the Congo," or whatever.)

Yet another song that everyone has done, but my take is somewhat more ironic than your usual video. I mean, what makes these three men "heroes"? Is it Carter's boyish klutziness? Is it Luka's brooding misogyny? Is it Mark's well-meaning geekiness? I made this video to explore all the ways in which they express their "heroism" -- or lack thereof.

Size: 15.8 MB - click image to download
Theme: Luka angst.

Music: Sarah McLachlan, "Angel (Dusted Remix)"

Summary: {...may you find some comfort here...}

It's angst, but it's funky angst. The Sarah McLachlan Remixed CD was just too good an opportunity to pass up. So this focuses on the violence of Luka's past and the way it keeps showing up again in his life. This is one of my favorite videos that I've done, and it was a blast to make.

Size: 30.2 MB - click image to download | LQ (13.1 MB)
Theme: Abby angst.

Music: Kristin Hoffman, "Roll on By."

Summary: {...and you say that it's time for a good cry...}

This video is about Abby's struggle in the past few years: with Luka, Carter, mom, brother, and of course herself. It isn't a shipper video, it's more about how she's stuck in all of these unhealthy patterns and doesn't know how to save herself. But in the end it turned into a character pimpage, because I'm starting to love Abby again.

Size: 21.8 MB - click image to download | LQ (7.6 MB)
Theme: Romano angst.

Music: Gary Jules, "Mad World."

Summary: {...going nowhere, going nowhere...}

A sad little video I made after "Freefall." The second chopper is a dream Romano has as he lies drugged up after his amputation. But is it a nightmare? He has nothing left to live for, after all.

Size: 22.1 MB - click image to download | LQ (7.7 MB)
Theme: Corday/Romano.

Music: Savage Garden, "I Want You"

Summary: {'ll never know what hit you...}

Romano/Corday, battle-of-the-sexes style. Going back to the roots of their on-screen relationship, it's all about the heated glares and the witty comebacks, the routine rivalry and the unexpected challenges.

Size: 21.4 MB - click image to download | LQ (9.62 MB)
Theme: Corday/Romano.

Music: Chantal Kreviazuk, "Feels Like Home."

Summary: {...I never thought I'd love anyone so much...}

An uber-romantic video that I made the summer after season 9, when we were sad for Romano losing his arm but hopeful that season 10 would include a hook-up. It's your typical shippy video, not much more to say really. :)

Size: 11.5 MB - click image to download
Theme: Corday/Romano.

Music: Tracy Chapman, "The Promise."

Summary: {...if you dream of me like I dream of you...}

This was my first video (and you can probably tell when you watch it). It's full of Cordano fuzziness, and the optimism that the "Foreign Affairs" bridge scene gave me. The song, of course, is the one that plays when Romano returns Elizabeth's wedding ring after she ran out on him in the lounge.

Size: 6.4 MB - click image to download