Dawson's Creek Videos

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Theme: Pacey/Joey

Music: Disney, "Something There" and "Beauty and the Beast"

Summary: {...who'd have ever thought that this could be...}

Um, you know. The best Disney songs in the world + Pacey + Joey. From enemies to falling magically in love.

Size: 43.2 MB, mp4 - click image to download | stream at youtube
Theme: Pacey/Joey

Music: Taylor Swift, "Mine"

Summary: {...you made a rebel of a careless man's careful daughter...}

Joey's perspective on Pacey. How he brought her out of her shell, made her feel alive, and brought back her faith in love despite dad's betrayal, perhaps.

Size: 45.3 MB, mp4 - click image to download | stream at youtube
Seasons of Us Theme: Pacey/Joey

Music: Mary Beth Maziarz, "Seasons of Us"

Summary: {...it's all just a part of us now...}

Using the song from the end of "A Weekend in the Country," showing Pacey and Joey through the... y'know... seasons.

Size: 45.9 MB, mp4 | stream at youtube
Theme: Pacey/Joey

Music: Blessid Union of Souls, "Rest of My Life"

Summary: {I'm not a man to throw words to the wind...}

Schmaltzy waltzy Pacey/Joey, lots of twirls and hands and kisses and looks.

Size: 65.1 MB, xvid - click image to download | LQ (14.7 MB, WMV) | stream at youtube
I Will Love You Theme: Pacey/Joey

Music: Fisher, "I Will Love You"

Summary: {...then i'll give my heart till the end of time...}

Using the song at the end of "A Winter's Tale," Joey's promise to Pacey.

Size: 69.3 MB (mov) | stream at youtube
Theme: Pacey/Joey vidlet

Music: Kathleen Wilhoite, "You Move Me"

Summary: {...each time, I learn something more...}

After thinking a lot about the song I'd chosen I realized I didn't feel like making an entire four-minute video to yet another generic love song, and that my first verse and chorus told a cohesive narrative by themselves. So I'm putting it up as a 2-minute vidlet... not a baby vid, more like an adolescent, not quite grown up but imagining it is. This is about why Joey chooses Pacey at the end of the third season.

Size: 28.5 MB (avi) - click image to download | WMV (7.9 MB)
Theme: Pacey/Joey

Music: Amy Grant, "Baby Baby"

Summary: {...I'm taken with the notion to love you with the sweetest of devotion...}

This song was supposedly about an actual baby, but, yeah. Ignore that. It's my first Pacey/Joey video, and I realize it's more than a little anachronistic, but hey, I didn't discover Dawson's till late, and my latent P/J shipperhood till even later. It's about Pacey's devotion to Joey and how impossible she is to forget. A little fluffy, and a lot fun, and not at all serious.

Size: 23.4 MB (wmv) - click image to download | LQ (11.9 MB)