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The name "Pathless Space" is derived from a poem by Charlotte Bronte (excerpted below):

"I dreamed it would be nameless bliss,
As I loved, loved to be;
And to this object did I press
As blind as eagerly.

But wide as pathless was the space
That lay our lives between,
And dangerous as the foamy race
Of ocean surges green.

I dangers dared; I hindrance scorned;
I omens did defy;
Whatever menaced, harassed, warned,
I passed impetuous by.

On sped my rainbow, fast as light;
I flew as in a dream;
For glorious rose upon my sight
That child of Shower and Gleam."

--Charlotte Bronte


The videos and fictions contained on this site are for entertainment purposes only. They aren't making money for me. I'm not trying to infringe on copyrights, just having a little fun. Please don't use footage from my videos to make your own.

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