Battlestar Galactica Videos

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Theme: Kara/Lee

Music: Keane, "Somewhere Only We Know"

Summary: {...I'm getting old and I need something to rely on...}

Starbuck and Apollo, navigating the spaces of their relationship.

Size: 57.5 MB, wmv | LQ (14.6 MB, wmv)
Theme: Adama/Roslin

Music: David Gray, "This Year's Love"

Summary: {...heaven knows it's high time...}

A regular ole shipper vid, because there just aren't enough Adama/Roslin vids out there that suit my tastes, and how better to fix the problem than make my own?

Size: 42.9 MB (wmv) | LQ (7.7 MB, wmv)
Theme: Starbuck, Roslin, D'Anna, Six, Sharon

Music: Jewel, "Hands"

Summary: {...I won't be made useless...}

Femininity and faith in BSG. With all the attendant issues: death, resurrection, fertility, self-definition, violence, sex, blood. Actually I was just making this video thinking, "Wow, the women on this show are all awesome, let me show people." The intellectualizing was accomplished by the directors, not by me.

Size: 24 MB (wmv) | LQ (8 MB, wmv)